Corey Simms Backs Up Leah Messer's Claims Against 'Teen Mom'

Corey Simms and Leah Messer don't always agree -- especially when it comes to their recent custody battle -- but this time, Corey is standing behind his baby mama. Corey is backing Leah up when it comes to her claims against MTV for bad editing, so her criticism might actually be really legit. 


According to what sources close to Ali and Grace's dad tell Radar Online, Corey is on Leah's side on this one, and now that they've been working better together as co-parents, he's upset that the show is painting her in such a negative light.

As the source told the site: 

Corey knows how it all works, and feels bad for Leah. They have been getting along very well lately, and everything with the girls is fine. He believes her when she says what appeared on TV wasn’t actually what happened.

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And although Corey has accused Leah of bad parenting himself in the past, it sounds like he totally believes her side of the story this time -- especially since editing has made him look the same way. 

An insider told Radar, "Last season, they made him and Miranda look like the villains on the show, and they got a lot of backlash for it. They were very upset." 

It'll be interesting to see if this incident brings them closer together ... and if MTV will continue editing like this now that so many of the show's stars have called them out. If they anger too many of their moms, they may find themselves without a show to edit at all! 


Image via MTV

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