Matt Baier's Baby Mamas Could Be Coming to a TV Screen Near You

Every day, it seems like yet another woman comes forward claiming she's seeking child support from Matt Baier, Amber Portwood's fiancé. At last count, Matt has nine children from several different mothers, and now, they want answers. Apparently, Matt's baby mamas could end up on Dr. Phil, and we've gotta admit -- we'd totally watch.


According to Wetpaint, Judy Cornett -- the woman who once backed Matt up when he claimed to have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse -- was recently talking to two of Matt's former flames, Kelli Maguire and Jeannette Reedy, and she let them know she's calling in the big guns.

Here's the exchange: 

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If Dr. Phil responds to her e-mail, it would definitely be interesting to see them on the show and find out more of Matt's secrets from his past.

Besides, if he truly does owe these women child support, Dr. Phil would whip him right into shape and hold him responsible. Maybe Amber should go on the show, too? We don't want her getting into a marriage with Matt without her eyes wide open. 


Image via MTV

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