Lauren Bushnell Is Already Set to Cash in on Her Engagement to Ben Higgins

There are a lot of things we love about Ben Higgins's final Bachelor pick, Lauren Bushnell -- she's sweet, she really loves Ben, and on top of that, she's gorgeous. And now, it looks like we're definitely not the only ones who noticed. Apparently, Lauren has been offered a lingerie endorsement deal, so could we be seeing a lot more of her soon?


According to a report from TMZ, online retailer has offered Lauren a $50K deal that includes free bras and panties if she'll agree to be their spokesperson. Um, not a bad deal?! And it could bring her a little extra income, which might come in handy if she decides to go easy on her flight attendant career to spend more time with Ben. 

Unfortunately, there's no word yet if Lauren has decided to take Yandy up on their offer. We need to know! 

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Being that opportunities like this are a serious fringe benefit to being on The Bachelor, we wouldn't be surprised if Lauren jumped at the opportunity. $50K is a lot of money, and who doesn't want free, cute undies? If she doesn't want it, we'll take it! 

But Lauren is a pretty wholesome girl, so we'd totally understand if posing in underwear isn't her thing. If she passes on this one, we don't doubt that plenty of other opportunities will come knocking on her door soon enough. We're so jealous! 


Image via lauren_bushnell/Instagram

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