Leah Messer's Struggle to Care for Her Kids Was So Much Worse Than We Imagined

Over the past several months, Leah Messer's custody battle has been highly publicized, so basically everyone's aware of the fact that she lost primary custody of her twins to their dad, Corey Simms. But what was really going on behind the scenes? On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah was too tired to pick her kids up from school, and it gives us a lot of insight into how hard things were for her back then. 


If you watched the new episode on Monday night, you saw Leah ask her cousin to grab her girls from school for her because she was too tired to drive. Um, not a good sign at all -- she needs to be healthy to take care of Ali and Gracie! 

She explained that she was feeling "emotionally drained" from fighting Corey for custody, and we don't doubt that stressing out about a situation like that caused more than a few sleepless nights. Anyone would have anxiety about that. 

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Things certainly seem better for Leah these days, although she's still continuing to fight to get that primary custody back. But as far as we can tell on social media, it seems that she's healthy and spending lots of time with her girls -- and that recently, she's been much happier. 

But no matter how good things are now, it looks like we'll still be watching her struggle on Teen Mom 2 for a while. Here's hoping watching her overcome these obstacles will be empowering for moms going through the same thing!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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