Geraldo Rivera Deserved to Get Kicked Off 'DWTS' -- & Not Just for His Dancing

Last night was the first round of eliminations for the Dancing With the Stars cast. Geraldo Rivera made a failed attempt to both redeem himself and "make dance great again" -- a notion that the judges quickly shut down. He was the first to be cut from season 22 after he presented a politically based performance, depicting what a day in office might be like for Donald Trump.


Rivera acknowledged the performance, stating, "Everybody is so serious about it. We thought we'd have a laugh." And while typically I agree that not every subject has to be taken seriously 100 percent of the time -- I don't think this is one of those subjects.

My mother used to tell me, "There's a time and a place for everything." Well, this is no longer the time to extend a comical platform to Trump, as his possible presidency becomes more of a reality each day. I'm done joking, and any serious American ought to be, too.

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Of course, we joke about Hillary and Bernie -- parodies and comedy sketches are part of the campaign-season foolery for the media. But it's different with Trump, simply because his views are aligned with those of an oppressive dictator.

And to be honest, part of the reason Trump is thriving in this election is in some ways due to America's giving him that platform to begin with. We thought his antics and comments were comical because they were so outrageous. Try as he might, but who would really vote for a pig like that? We joked and doubted his methods -- all while letting our guards down, just a little too far. We gave it the attention that it needed to live on, instead of allowing it to die down, and now this is where joking has landed us -- a presidential election turned sh*tshow.

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So no, I don't think that his skit was funny at all. In fact, I'm glad he's gone. That's one less outlandish performance I have to lose sleep over. And I assure you, Mr. Rivera, despite your friendship with Donald, there's a reason we're "so serious" -- and it's because we're scared sh*tless of what "making America great again" means for your pal. If it's anything like your half-ass attempt to "make dance great," we don't want it!

Perhaps one day we'll look back and find this humorous, but it will be long after we've (hopefully) dodged the threat that exists before our very eyes, as Trump gets closer and closer to owning the Oval.


Image via ABC/HULU

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