'Party Over Here' Brings Us the Mansplaining Hotline of Every Dudebro's Dream

Calling all men! We know that feminism is ruining your life -- like, since when is it "extremely illegal" to pinch some cheeky cheeks you like on the street? And why is it "not okay" to lecture women on Tom Brady's third-quarter football decisions? Sports! Women don't know about those. And the sexy ladies from Fox's new comedy Party Over Here totally get it -- and they set up a mansplaining hotline just for you.


These girls don't know anything, and they just want some dudes who know how much smarter they are to explain it to them.

Their catchphrase? "You're SO right!"

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And ladies: No more listening to dudes explain which screws to put in drywall for 20 minutes. Sketch comedians Alison Rich, Jessica McKenna, and Nicole Byer are here for you:

WHAT IF. The drywall story is true, by the way. And that should be enough proof that this hotline idea is the most genius and most needed idea of our generation.

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Related: If you haven't heard of Party Over Here yet, you're missing out. It's Fox's foray into sketch comedy, and while it's produced by the dudes from The Lonely Island, each episode stars Rich, McKenna, and Byer.

Let me tell you: These ladies get it. 


Image via Party Over Here/YouTube

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