An 'All That' Renuion Is Causing Major '90s Nostalgia -- Remember These Guest Acts?

Sinbad guest stars in ALL THAT

In the mid '90s, every kid had a favorite network. Even now, you can find 20-something millennials debating over which featured the best shows: Disney, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon. For me, this was never a question. Nick was the best, hands down -- or, at least it was in that era. If you don't agree, I won't pressure you into changing your answer, but I will question it, because with classics like Are You Afraid of The Dark? and All That, I'm not sure where the competition is. And although I'm not a fan of the new Nick network (ah, I'm getting old), I will be watching -- if it's on Hulu, of course! -- the 22nd anniversary special of All That. Yes, that's right: The cast will reunite in April to rehash the good ol' days with some brand-new sketches.


While most are aware that many spin-offs came from the show, what they forget is how many stars actually made the original so great. There was nothing like the anticipation of seeing which already-famous celeb would be performing on the latest episode -- because you could be certain that it would be someone worthy of your Saturday night.

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But, just in case you forgot all the big cameos that came through back in the day, here's a list of 13 of the BEST appearances throughout the show's 10-year run. Whether they were using their acting chops or performing at the end of the show, they made us eager to watch each week.

1. Ice Cube -- who clearly doesn't age.

2. MC Lyte -- staple of hip-hop, now and then.

3. TLC -- one of our favorite girl groups of the '90s, who give us nothing but life with their style.

4. Kobe Bryant -- because before Amanda Bynes wanted Drake, there was Kobe.

5. Mya -- remember her?

6. Salt 'N' Pepa -- and they brought Spinderella, too.

7. Tatyana Ali -- that time she tried to break into the music industry.

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8. Our favorite twins, Tia and Tamera -- they stopped in for a Good Burger (cameo starts in video below at 11:00). Plus, LL Cool J basically turned his performance into a D.A.R.E commercial (starts at 19:30).

9. Sinbad -- when he was the cameo king (starts at 6:28).

10. Nas -- way back when he "Ruled the World" ... or at least the "Hip-Hop" world (starts at 18:22).

11. Dru Hill -- the ultimate R&B boy band of the '90s, IMO (starts at 18:43).

12. Erykah Badu -- enough said (starts at 19:05).

13. Ray J -- back in the good old days, when he was just Brandy's (or, Moesha's) little brother, pre–sex tape, and with no envy-riddled songs directed at ex Kim Kardashian (starts at 18:42).

Ah, it's going to be a long wait until the reunion...

The #AllThatReunion is coming to The Splat this April!

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