JoJo Fletcher's Ex Has Some Pretty Nasty Things to Say About the New 'Bachelorette'

Remember during Ben's hometown dates when JoJo came home to a bunch of red roses and a note from an ex ... whom she really didn't want to hear from? Well, now that same ex, Chad Rookstool, is rooting around for more fame and attention, and this time, he's telling InTouch that as soon as Ben dumped JoJo on The Bachelor, she went running back to him. And that's not all.


Honestly, this guy seemed like a skeeze from the beginning, and he definitely seems like the type that'd make up a rumor like this for the Instagram followers. All we have is his word (or his words -- there were many of them), since there's no proof and JoJo hasn't spoken out about it.

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But, according to Rookstool, JoJo said that they should have never broken up in the first place, and that if they hadn't, the two would be married now. And apparently they snuck around all during filming of The Bachelor.

Must have been a shock to him when she announced she was the next Bachelorette, huh? 

Even if JoJo did go back to her ex after Ben, can ya blame her? We all need a good rebound, especially after a dumping as harsh and as ... public as Ben's.

So that's that, but Rookstool also said that JoJo only went on The Bachelor for career purposes, and that she scored her spot because her older brother knows one of the producers. Apparently she considered it a "once in a lifetime opportunity," and when Rookstool asked her about her feelings for Ben, she said, "Chad, come on, you know it was TV."

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Ooohhhh my god, okay. There's a chance he's telling the truth about all this, but there's also a chance he's bitter about being slammed by his ex on national TV, and he figured his chance to get back at her was while she was still in the spotlight. Seems more likely to me, but who are we to say? 

Rookstool also said that even if JoJo wants to get back with him, he's not going to wait for her. But you know what? She's not going to wait for you either, buddy. Get in line.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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