Jenelle Evans Loses Her Cool at Nathan Griffith & This Time It's Totally Justified (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans isn't exactly well-known for her even temper, but this time I think she's totally justified in her anger. In a sneak peek for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Nathan Griffith lets his girlfriend cut Kaiser's hair.


Jenelle and her BFF Tori went to pick Kai up from Nathan's mom's house, and she noticed that someone had cut his bangs. There's no proof that Nate's girlfriend Jessica Henry took the snip, but as Jenelle points out in the clip, Jessica is a hairstylst.

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Take a look at this clip, and be impressed by how Jenelle refrains from cussing her ex-fiancé out over the phone.

Dude, I'd be livid too. The first haircut is a really big moment for a mom, so of course Jenelle would want to be there! Especially considering how much of Jace's young life she missed out on, since she signed over custody to her mom because she wasn't ready to grow up and be a mom yet.

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And with the legal junk going on between Jenelle and Jessica (remember that whole incident when Jenelle threw a glass of water at Jess's head and she filed charges?), it's hard to believe that Nate's girlfriend didn't do it on purpose to piss her off. I mean, who doesn't know it's not okay to cut another child's hair, let alone a baby's?

I'm totally Team Jenelle on this one.


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