Amber Portwood's Fiancé Matt Baier Faces New Challenges About His Rumored Kids

What the heck is going on? It seems like it's been a bit since we've heard about Matt Baier's baby mama drama. But it looks like Amber Portwood's fiancé has postponed his child support court case for his seven alleged child he owes major back-pay for.


Matt has admitted to having at least five children, after he and Amber only admitted to two of them. He said that his other three were older and they didn't mention them publicly because they deserved their privacy. You know, I can totally respect that, if it turns out to be the truth.

But there's still that little matter of the child support cases filed against Matt for seven children from five mothers. There's also potentially a sixth mom for an eighth child, but she hasn't filed anything against the new Teen Mom OG star so far.

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According to reports from Radar Online, Baier's new attorney filed a motion to postpone his hearing by two months, from March 22 until May 10, and the judge approved.

The father of five, or six, or seven, (or eight?) will face his baby mamas in an Indiana court at that point, and honestly, for Amber's sake more than anything else, I'm hoping that it turns out that Matt is being totally honest about his parentage.

Matt and Amber have a wedding date coming up next October, and honestly, we just want to see this whole mess solved before they tie the knot. Amber has overcome so much, and if Matt has too, then it's wonderful that they have found each other. Let's hope that that is the case.


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