Leah Messer Fights Back Against Talk That She's a Negligent Mom


After Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, fans were understandably concerned about one teen mom in particular. The day after it aired, Leah Messer spoke up against the claims that she's a bad mom on Twitter, and I think most of us could relate.


During the Teen Mom 2 scene in question, Leah was driving her daughters to school, and Aleeah Grace was crying in the backseat, saying, "You're always worried about everything else except going to pick us up and giving us lunch ... I'm cold and I don't have nothing to eat."

It was pretty heartbreaking, but Leah made it clear on the show that the girls would eat breakfast at school. As the mother to a 7-year-old myself, who also has to drive over half an hour to get my kids to school (just like in Leah's case, my kids' school is also near my ex-husband's house and not mine), I could feel her pain.

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But then Leah was accused of being a negligent mom, who didn't care about her kids being cold and hungry. The reality star, however, wasn't shy about defending herself via social media. Leah tweeted this in response to the accusations.

Amen! Kids can totally be all the drama sometimes, especially when they've been forced out of their warm beds in the early a.m. to go to school. And their terrible mother didn't buy them lunchables! All I'm saying is that I've been there and done that.

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After Leah dropped the twins Ali and Aleeah off at school, she took her younger daughter Addie to meet a friend for breakfast, and the 3-year-old appeared to be eating sugar packets at the diner.

Look, we all have our days ... we just don't all have cameras following us around to catch our bad moments and put it on national TV.


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