Corey Simms Gets Emotional Over Custody Ruling for Ali & Aleeah (VIDEO)

Talk about an emotional moment! In a sneak peek for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms learns that he's won primary custody of his twin daughters Ali and Aleeah. It was a tough battle against Leah Messer, who spent much of last year going through a prescription pill problem, a divorce, and rehab for her anxiety issues.


Needless to say, Corey and his wife Miranda didn't think the 6-year-olds were living in the most stable environment. Plus Leah was habitually late with them, allegedly racking up multiple tardies at their school.

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"You got virtually everything you asked for," lawyer Rusty Webb informs Simms, who is obviously overwhelmed with emotion hearing the news. Well, just take a look.

Corey says that he and his wife Miranda understand that it's going to be hard to have the girls Monday through Thursday, but that it will be worth it for the girls' sake. He says he wants them "to talk about college and what they want to do ... So this is why I'm glad this went their way."

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We feel bad for Leah, but there's no doubt that Corey is a good dad and really wants what's best for his daughters. And after what we saw on the premiere episode of Leah struggling with exhaustion to get the girls to school on time (it starts at 7:15, and they live 45 minutes away), maybe this arrangement is going to be good for her too. She still gets the weekends with her girls, and won't have to worry about the day-to-day stress of getting them to and from school.


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