'Bachelorette' Producer Shares Behind-the-Scenes Details of JoJo Fletcher's Season

In our world, it seems like just yesterday that JoJo Fletcher was dumped by Ben Higgins on national television and then snatched right up by ABC to be the next Bachelorette. And it was, sort of -- it's only been a week, after all. But for JoJo, months have passed, and according to producer Mike Fleiss, our new Bachelorette is well on her way to finding love. Yes, already.


In a weird and amazing twist of fate, Fleiss has taken to Twitter to describe the goings-on of the season so far. He's being kind of vague, but also giving us way more info (and photos!!!) than we normally get at this point.

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Here's where the madness started:

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Aaannnd a group date that involved more beards and beds:

Fleiss is also sharing a running kiss count, if you're interested. First kiss was on night one:

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But that was upped pretty quickly. JoJo is a fox, after all.

Not sure what the ".5" means in "3.5," but we can't even waste our time thinking about it, because Fleiss also shared a photo of JoJo!! She looks the same, but like ... a photo!!

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And then, in the most shocking revelation of the night, Fleiss revealed this:

Because he either has an aggressive obsession with roses or a weeeird sense of humor.

Fleiss's plan to get us into this season already is working -- I, for one, am very curious about all these beards. Is it going to be the most dramatic season yet?! Chris Harrison would probably say so. And this is definitely the most dramatic pre-season, so ... we're halfway there.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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