'The Walking Dead' Will Never Die With These 7 Spin-Off Show Ideas

The Walking Dead. Fear The Walking Dead. Flight 462. Talking Dead.
I don't care how many shows they base on The Walking Dead, it still isn't enough.  


I love The Walking Dead. I love it so much I will basically watch any spin-off show created based on Robert Kirkman's graphic novel. When the 90-minute season finale concludes on April 3, I will be super bummed waiting for the next season to begin, which seems like ages from now. So in the meantime, in addition to Fear The Walking Dead, I think AMC should create these spin-off shows. 

The 'Where's Daryl Dixon's Shirt' Show 

This nightly program would just involve Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, unable to find a shirt; hence, he has to go everywhere with no shirt on. I have decided this should be a nightly program due to the extremely high ratings it will receive. It's sort of based off of Gilligan's Island, except instead of a group of castaways unable to get off a tropical island, it will be just one castaway named Daryl Dixon unable to find a shirt and spending each episode wandering around shirtless while looking for one. 

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The Walking Dead Bachelor 

We all love The Bachelor, and we all love The Walking Dead, so this is basically just adding peanut butter to chocolate. In this show, walkers would compete to see how many people they eat to earn a fantasy date. Walkers could get in giant screaming matches over the chosen Bachelor and rip each other's body parts off. Walkers need love, too, and I would totally tune in to see them find it! 

House Hunters: The Walking Dead Edition

Sure, Rick and the crew are pretty safe in Alexandria for now, but once the Saviors show up, I think our friends may be in search of a new neighborhood. I would personally love to see Glenn and Maggie look for a new home that had an extra bedroom for a nursery and argue about the previous owner's wallpaper choices. 

The Walking Dead: Chopped

I can't be the only person wondering how the zombies would fare if they were presented with a picnic basket full of mystery items. Maybe walkers are sick of plain old human and would like to add some cilantro or some sorghum to people? 

Talking About 'Talking Dead' 

So after The Walking Dead a lot of people tune in to see Chris Hardwick and guests discuss that night's episode on Talking Dead. But you know what else we need? A show that comes on after that show where we can talk about everything they talked about on Talking Dead. Sure, it sounds a little Inception-y, but I bet a lot of people would tune in. 

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The Eugene and Abraham Variety Hour

We either need these two to have a buddy comedy where they go off on their own and think of innovative ways to take a bite out of bad guys (and if you watched March 20's episode, you know what I mean, wink wink) -- or we need them to cohost an old-timey variety hour where they tell jokes and sing and dance. 

The Presidential Debates: The Walking Dead Edition 

Do you know what's going to make American politics great again? Zombies. 


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