Piper Is Getting What She Deserves in Season 4 of 'Orange Is the New Black' -- #SorryNotSorry (PHOTO)

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Spring is approaching, and for some of us that may mean flowers and warm weather. For TV lovers, however, it means some of our favorite shows are due to premiere soon -- specifically Netflix fan-favorite Orange Is the New Black. We’re starting to get more teasers and just enough insight to leave us theorizing about what the future holds for some of our favorite Litchfield prisoners -- and, more importantly, some of our least favorites. Ahmm, Piper, anyone?


For the rare (and certainly hard to find) fan of Piper Chapman, let me just put a disclaimer out there: Sorry NOT sorry. 

In the most recent photos from season four of Orange Is the New Black, there’s one that stands out -- because it appears that our precious Piper is getting a little roughed up.  But, let’s be honest: She had it coming. Amirite?!

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Beyond being almost criminally self-involved, Piper has decided to add low-level criminal mastermind to her resume of flaws. In doing so, she stepped on quite a few toes.

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If you don’t recall, in the last episodes of the season, Piper was served something far worse than those awful prison meals Red serves up. She got a big, steaming serving of karma after abandoning Alex (ugh, how many times does that make?) when her latest love interest, Stella, took all her money that she had earned in her panty-smuggling operation.

But, in all fairness to Stella, if she hadn’t taken advantage of Piper, then it surely would’ve been someone else. As an entitled person, Piper doesn't know when to say when, and she got a little too greedy. Sadly, no one informed her that greed is always the demise of "great" leaders.

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Her minor reign in the pen left Piper clueless to one major thing: She has to sleep in close confines with the very people she shat on. In all of her nonsense, she made herself an easy target and ultimately made enemies out of those who were once allies.

Now that there is a target on Piper's back, we can’t be sure who’s out to get her (even with Blanca in the photo), but we are sure that viewers will be watching intently –- for the love of the show and the hatred of Piper Chapman. But until then, let's see what your favorite Litchfield ladies have been doing ...

Looks like Suzanne has her "Crazy Eyes" on someone new.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

We nominate these two for season-four power couple.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Safe to say these don't seem to be the happiest of times for our girl Alex? Maybe.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Clearly, these two are up to no good.

Orange Is The New Black Season 4


Image via JoJo Whilden/Netflix

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