'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris Gives an Update on Pregnancy & Preparing for Motherhood

Jillian HarrisIt definitely seems like there's something in the water among former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars these days, given just how many of them are carrying buns in the oven. And when we heard that Jillian Harris is expecting her first child with her partner, Justin, we couldn't have been more thrilled about her big news.


Out of all of the show's past leading ladies, Jillian has to be the most down-to-earth and real, and that's why The Stir was beyond happy about having the chance to meet and sit down and chat with her to hear more about all of the exciting things happening in her life -- including how she's getting her home all ready for her new baby.

On her new partnership with Mr. Clean:

"It's the perfect timing because it's spring, and I'm actually the sicko who loves cleaning! And we're getting ready for our baby to arrive, so we're purging and cleaning, so this was a great partnership for me.

We do use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at home and with Justin's business back home, so I'm very familiar with the product, and for me, I'm very anal about how our place looks -- it's all white, clean, and organized. For me it's all about working smarter, not harder, and reducing the amount of time that I'm cleaning."

On her due date and how far along she is:

"Seventeen weeks, so a little over four months, and I'm due at the end of August."

On finding out the sex of her baby-to-be:

"No, we don't know what we're having! It's going to be a surprise."

On whether she's decorated her nursery yet:

"No! I need to get on that. But first we're having a big girls' weekend. A few of my other girlfriends are pregnant, so we'll have them all up in May. We need the guest room while they're there, but after they leave, we'll get rid of everything in the guest bedroom and start to build up the nursery."

On the unsolicited advice she's been getting during her pregnancy:

"You know, it's funny, I just posted a picture of a New York Times and a cup of coffee today, and I have like 120 comments of people who are telling me to stay off the caffeine. But actually, I talked to my doctor about this, and because my blood pressure is low, he actually recommended caffeine.

I've never gotten so much unsolicited advice in my life about having a child. Everything from how it's gonna affect my sleep patterns, or my white couch, or my energy level -- and I take it all in stride. Even though I'm kind of defiant and don't like being told what to do, I remember that most of these people are are coming from a place of love. They follow me because they like me and they're just trying to do what's best for me. So I'm trying to smile and nod and say, 'Thank you.'

The one thing I consistently get told from everybody is, 'sleep now.' And I love my sleep, so I have really been lapping it up."

On how supportive her partner, Justin has been during her pregnancy:

"Justin, my partner -- OMG, I never want to be not pregnant again, because he spoils me! Normally I'm very independent and kind of bossy, and he's like, 'She's fine, and she doesn't need to be catered on.' But ever since I've been pregnant, he lets me sleep in, he brings me breakfast in bed, he brought me a grilled cheese sandwich at like two o'clock in the morning the other night!"

On her cravings:

"All of my cravings point to having a girl. Lots of citrus fruits and pineapple and oranges. I also crave beef and burgers, so I've been trying to find the good meat."

On how she's been feeling during her pregnancy:

"The second trimester has been great. I have energy, and I have my little bump, and I'm like, 'This is awesome!'"


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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