Leah Messer Gets Major Grief Over Leaked Photo of Her Messy Home

Dang, this girl can't seem to catch a break sometimes! Leah Messer was recently slammed by critics for being a mess again. It seems as though a nosy neighbor snapped a pic of the Teen Mom 2 star's cluttered space and then decided to share it online, because sometimes people suck instead of being compassionate or even just decent human beings.


The photo in question shows Leah's garage, which, to be fair, is pretty dang messy. But seriously? Are we really going to freak out over her garage? Some people even questioned if she was drunk or high, because, you know, the only people who have extremely cluttered garages must be on something, right?

Of course it doesn't help that Leah has a history of hoarder tendencies when it comes to the insides of her vehicles ... remember when she and then-husband Jeremy Calvert got into it during season six over how messy the interior of the car was?

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Leah doesn't usually respond to online criticism, but this must have hit a sore spot, because she was on it pretty quickly, explaining that she and her sister had just done a major spring cleaning and were planning on having a garage sale.

Plus a source close to Leah apparently shared some photos of the inside of the house -- and everything looks spic and span! Haters can take a chill pill and move along, because apparently there's nothing to see here. 


Image via MTV

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