Chelsea Houska Gives Us the Scoop on Wedding Plans & What Comes Next

Chelsea HouskaYes! We only have a few more days to go until the premiere of season seven of Teen Mom 2, and it's pretty safe to say that we're full of anticipation over what kinds of twists and turns we'll see for the stars this time around. And while all of the cast members have quite a lot going on in their lives, Chelsea Houska's recent engagement is biggggg news!


The Stir had the pleasure of chatting with Chel about Cole putting a ring on it -- and we also got a few updates on what we can expect from Chelsea this season.

The Stir: Congratulations on your engagement! How is wedding planning going so far?

Chelsea Houska: It's going well ... we are planning on a fall 2016 wedding, and we're going to keep it pretty casual. No seating chart for us!

The Stir: Is Aubree excited?

CH: She is, though she was confused at first when Cole proposed. She thought it meant that we were married right then and there. But she is so excited. I want her to be more than just a flower girl, so we've had fun picking out her dress, etc. I keep calling her my mini-maid-of-honor.

The Stir: What will we see that's different for you on this season of Teen Mom 2?

CH: Fans will get to see a lot more of Cole, which I'm happy about. He opens up a lot more this time around, now that he's used to the cameras and has gotten to know the crew a bit more. They'll also see more of what's going on with Adam and custody.

The Stir: Have things gotten any better with Adam?

CH: No, sadly things are pretty much the same.

The Stir: Tell us more about your new website,, which will be launching soon.

CH: It's a lifestyle site where I'll post both blogs and vlogs. I'll feature a lot of hair and beauty tips, and also will be able to answer fans' questions. For example, sometimes fans will see me wearing something on the show and ask where I got it. I'll be able to answer them on the website.

The Stir: What's one thing that you wish you could tell Teen Mom 2 fans?

CH: I would tell them that no matter what they see on TV, all of us are just doing the best we can as moms. I also want them to know that any decision I make is centered around what is best for Aubree.

The Stir: What's next for you after Teen Mom 2?

CH: I'm going to lay low and take a little break -- and get married!

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