Jenelle Evans Gives an Update on Her Custody Battles & Exciting Future Plans

Jenelle EvansCan you believe it's almost time for another season of Teen Mom 2? Yep. Season seven is set to premiere on Monday, March 21, and we couldn't be more excited to see our favorite gals back in action. And in anticipation of the new season kicking off, The Stir had the pleasure of chatting with Jenelle Evans about what's going on in her life this time around -- and let's just say things for Jenelle are never dull.


The Stir: What changes can we expect to see in your world this season?

Jenelle Evans: Fans will get to see that I'm finally in a good relationship, and I'm so happy. David is such a wonderful guy and is so supportive. They'll also see how hard I'm working to get custody of both Kaiser and Jace.

The Stir: How are things moving along with your custody cases? Are you closer to having things worked out?

JE: I'm in the process of filing for full custody of Kaiser, and on May 3, I go back to court with my mom to move forward with regaining custody of Jace.

The Stir: What is one thing that would really surprise people about you?

JE: I think people would be surprised to know just how proactive I've been about trying to get back custody of Jace. I've been working hard at it for a long time.

The Stir: You've had some pretty major health issues recently. How are you feeling?

JE: The doctors told me I needed to stay off my birth control for 30 days, and now that the time has passed, my symptoms still have not gone away. I'm meeting with an endocrinologist at the end of April.

The Stir: Tell us more about your new website,, and what we can expect to see there.

JE: I'm keeping it updated every week with blogs, and it's a place where I get more personal with fans. It's very mom-oriented, and will remind people that I'm not the "bad girl." I'll also feature lots of health and fitness related content.

The Stir: Speaking of health and fitness, your transformation over the past few months has been amazing. What fitness tips can you offer to other moms who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

JE: I eat smaller meals and have cut out soda, fast food, and sugar. I use Splenda as opposed to sugar. I also eat low carb. I haven't worked out as much lately because of my health issues, but when I'm going strong, I aim for getting into the gym two to three days per week.

The Stir: What's next for you after Teen Mom 2?

JE: I'm actually working on a book right now. It will include my childhood diaries, so fans will learn more about me when I was growing up. I'm also working on more fitness stuff and endorsement deals. I also might be headed back to school again.



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