Juan Pablo Galavis Wants to Join 'Bachelorette' JoJo's Season (Ees Okay)

If you don't follow ex-Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis on Twitter, you should -- not just for his OBSESSIVE and HILARIOUS use of CAPITALS, but also to be the first to know when he drops bombs about his future plans ... like, for example, how he MIGHT re-audition for The Bachelorette for a shot at love with JoJo Fletcher.


Sounds like a terrible idea, right?! Right.

But apparently, Juan Pablo thinks she's cute, and that's enough to tempt him:

So what I'm hearing is that JP didn't even watch this season and doesn't know anything about JoJo except that #SheCute. But he thinks he's cute and he thinks SHE'S cute, so it's a perfect match. I guess.

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The last thing Juan Pablo needs is another public platform on which to project all the homophobic and sexist thoughts running around in his little brain, but I do kind of want to see him audition just so we can watch JoJo tear him to shreds. That girl eats people for breakfast, and she would feast on Juan Pablo. It would be amazing to watch. 

Here's to hoping this Bachelorette season is 100 percent JoJo putting lame dudes in their place. And here's another to hoping JP gets distracted by a mirror and forgets to make his audition.


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