Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Have a Whole New Level of Relationship Drama (VIDEO)

Just when we thought that they were finally on the same page. In a sneak peak for next week's new episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are having marital problems again, and it looks like things are as bad as they've ever been.


In the clip, Kail did a photo shoot with her sons Isaac, 6, and Lincoln, 2. Jo Rivera (Isaac's dad) was there, as was his pregnant girlfriend Vee Torres. Kailyn's hubby Javi (Lincoln's dad) wasn't anywhere to be seen. Hey, it happens -- NBD, right? Especially considering that Javi is in the air force, and has frequently been deployed or on duty away from his fam since they tied the knot.

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But then Kail agreed to go to dinner with Jo and Vee, and called Javi on the way there to invite him. The conversation did not go well.

When Kail put Isaac on the phone to invite Javi out to dinner, Javi responded with, "I just want to be at home. We're constantly on the move, I just want to be at home."

He also sounded pretty upset at not getting enough time with Lincoln, but I can't even imagine how Isaac felt about Javi's specifically saying he wanted to spend time with his little brother, but not him. "I would appreciate it if you dropped off Lincoln so I can hang out with at least one of my kids," he said.

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When Kail got exasperated and said that she wouldn't drop either of the kids off, Javi responded, "I haven't seen my son all weekend ... Bring my son home, I want to see him. If I'm not there, there’s no reason for Lincoln to be there."

It definitely sounds like things are not okay between these two. Hopefully they got past this incident and are crazy in love again ... I guess we'll have to tune into the new season of Teen Mom 2 to find out.


Image via MTV

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