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What Former 'Bachelor' Stars Are Really Worth: Who's the Richest?

TV Nicole Pomarico Mar 28, 2016

Chris SoulesEver watch The Bachelor and wonder ... "how much is this guy actually worth?" You're not alone. After seeing the big houses featured during hometown dates, hearing about their fancy careers, and knowing that leads make a solid paycheck from the show, it's clear that tons of these stars have money. 

But how much money? While some are worth literally millions, some of the stars are actually keeping way less than you might think in their bank accounts. If you need to satisfy your curiosity, check out these photos. Be prepared for some surprises along the way!


Image via Jackie Brown/Splash News

Image via ABC 

1Aaron Buerge

Aaron Buerge may have started out wealthy, but a few years ago, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming a net woth of $2.3 million and a debt of $9.3 million. Yikes! 

Image via ABC

2Andrew Firestone

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andrew is worth $50 million. Not surprising, since he's heir to the Firestone tire throne! 

Image via ABC

4Jesse Palmer

Jesse is worth $4 million, which isn't surprising at all considering he's stayed in the sports game since he stopped playing. Not too shabby! 

Image via ABC

7Travis Lane Stork

He can now be seen on The Doctors --  and Travis is currently worth $8 million. Not bad for a guy who gets to diagnose crazy illnesses on TV every week! 

Image via ABC

8Lorenzo Borghese

Since he is a prince, it's not surprising at all to find out that Lorenzo is worth $50 million. Yeah, we don't blame ABC for making a choice like that for Bachelor

Image via ABC 

10Jason Mesnick

Best known for dumping Melissa Rycroft during After The Final Rose, and then choosing runner up Molly Malaney instead -- Jason Mesnick is worth $1 million

Image via ABC

11Jake Pavelka

Jake is worth $500,000 after his long career as a pilot -- and we're guessing his time on The Bachelor has only helped that number grow.

Image via ABC

14Juan Pablo Galavis

Since he is a former pro soccer player, it makes total sense that Juan Pablo is worth about $1.2 million. Maybe he can use some of that to buy himself a set of manners? 

Image via ABC

15Chris Soules

We've all seen his gigantic farm, so it's not surprising at all that Chris is worth $1.5 million. Maybe that's worth living in the middle of nowhere for the rest of your life! 

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