Nathan Griffith's New Girlfriend Is Creating a Huge Headache for Jenelle Evans

As if she didn't have enough drama in her life already. Nathan Griffith is apparently making a fuss about filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion show in New York City this upcoming weekend. Nate's ex-fiancé and baby mama Jenelle Evans has a no-contact order with his current girlfriend, Jessica Henry, and they can't be in the same area at the same time.


A source told Radar Online that the whole cast of Teen Mom 2 is flying to NYC this weekend to film the reunion show, as well as the Where Are They Now special for the dads, but Nathan is considering skipping out. 

According to the insider, MTV producers have been trying to work out logistics with Nathan about Jessica tagging along for the trip. They revealed, "If Jessica goes to NYC, Jenelle can’t be in the same area as her. She can be arrested for being in the same area as Jessica."

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Dude. Jenelle does not need to be arrested again -- especially for something that isn't her fault. She's already been dealing with legal issues when it comes to Jessica, since she got arrested last year for allegedly throwing a glass of water at her head.

The source told Radar that Jenelle isn't willing to "jeopardize" being arrested again, so Nate is going to have to decide whether he wants to stay home, or leave his new lady friend at home. Neither of those options apparently appeal to Griffith, who is apparently "throwing a fit that Jessica can't go."

Sorry, Nate, but we're going to have to side with Jenelle on this one.


Image via MTV

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