Nathan Griffith & Adam Lind Are New BFFs -- Jenelle & Chelsea Must Be Thrilled

This is one of those things that we didn't exactly see coming, but aren't surprised about either. Teen Mom 2 daddies Nathan Griffith and Adam Lind have a new bromance, and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.


Maybe this will give Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans an opportunity to cool their feud? There's nothing like bonding over ex-boyfriends to bring a pair of ladies together, is there?

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Anyway, Nathan and Adam apparently bonded over how they have been portrayed on the show. You know, as the bad boys. On March 14, Adam Instagrammed a text conversation between the two (it's since been deleted) in which they talked about how they're over MTV and the Teen Mom franchise.

According to the deleted post, Adam and Nathan also talked about working out together while filming this upcoming weekend in NYC. Not only is it time for Jenelle and Chelsea to film the reunion show with Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry, but they're also going to do a Teen Mom 2 Dads: Where Are They Now feature.

The whole thing makes us question why these two took so long in the first place to decide to be friends. They're both obsessed with their bodies workout fiends, plus they know what it's like to have their drama aired on national TV. It's a match made in reality TV heaven, amirite?

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Alas, this budding friendship might not come to be after all. Even though they apparently have each other's digits, Nate is allegedly opting out of hitting the city for the reunion. He doesn't want to leave his girlfriend Jessica Henry back home, and she and Jenelle Evans have a court-appointed no-contact order at the moment.

However, Adam isn't missing the opportunity to take his new woman to the Big Apple. Aubree and Paislee's dad mentioned on social media recently that he's "done" with having cameras in his life, but "I'm milking it out for a free trip to nyc one last time so Stasia has the opportunity to see NYC for free ;) lol."

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if these two both end up making it to NYC -- and their workout session.


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