Ben Higgins Almost Chickened Out on Proposing to Lauren Bushnell

On Monday night, we finally got to witness the moment that has been months in the making. On the Bachelor season finale, Ben Higgins got down on one knee and asked Lauren Bushnell to marry him. But now, we know that might not have happened. Ben almost didn't propose to Lauren, and it's all because his feelings for JoJo are so strong.


While talking to Wetpaint recently, Ben opened up about how difficult his decision was -- and that he even had the option of not proposing to anyone at all if he couldn't make his mind up. And admittedly, he did hesitate before choosing Lauren, but ultimately, he realized he couldn't walk away without her.

He told the site: 

It was something that did cross my mind, if this is the best option now. Like, is it better to get out of this, and then come back and re-propose at some point? I didn’t want to walk away from this experience without Lauren. I wanted her to know what I felt for her and that those feelings were real, no matter how weird it is.

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And now, they get to live happily ever after (or so we hope). And don't worry -- as much as he cared about JoJo, there are no regrets. 

We're glad to hear that Ben is happy with his final decision, and we can't wait to see what's next for this adorable couple. Hopefully, plenty of wedding planning. We can't handle more breakups! 

Image via lauren_bushnell/Instagram

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