'Bachelor' Alums Will Totally Come Back to Date JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelor might be over, but the fun of The Bachelorette is just beginning! Last night, we finally found out that JoJo Fletcher is our leading lady this spring, and we can't wait to see her roundup of guys. However, JoJo is such a catch that we can't help but feel like we'll see some familiar faces in the contestants pool. 


It definitely wouldn't be anything new for a former contestant to return for her season. After all, we saw it this season of The Bachelor with Becca Tilley and Amber James, right?! And when it comes to who it could be, we have a few ideas in mind.  

Of course, since those rumors circulated about Nick Viall having a thing for JoJo, we wouldn't be surprised at all if he resurfaced. He might be controversial, but we adore him, so we definitely wouldn't complain if he showed up during limo arrivals -- or even later, like he did on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. 

Thanks Zelda.

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Who else? Brooks Forester, maybe, since he's admitted he has a crush on JoJo ... maybe not in the most eloquent way, but still, we can work on it. And, of course, it would totally make sense if someone from Kaitlyn's season showed up, because if they were into Kaitlyn, they'd totally be into JoJo. Doesn't it seem like they'd be BFFs? 

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No matter who's on the roster, though, we have a feeling it will be a good season to watch. JoJo's story is so compelling, especially after seeing Ben break her heart on the season finale. It's easy to root for her after watching that go down!

We can't wait to see JoJo in action... even if we have to wait 'til May. Here's hoping the time flies by!


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