ABC's New 'Bachelorette' Announced on 'After the Final Rose' -- OMG

This season of The Bachelor has come to an end, but don't get too upset! In just a couple of months, The Bachelorette will kick off for the season -- and now, we finally know who the lucky leading lady is! 


Although rumors have pointed to Caila Quinn taking the role, this time, ABC pulled a fast one on us. It's totally not common for the runner-up to steal the crown, but this time, it's happening! JoJo Fletcher is the next Bachelorette, everyone!

JoJo was practically glowing when the announcement was made, so it seems like she's pretty excited about the opportunity. And we are, too -- it makes watching her brutal heartbreak a lot easier to swallow knowing that her next chance at love is right around the corner.

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And as for Ben and Lauren? Despite those pesky breakup rumors, it seems like these two are doing awesome and  are as happy as ever. Once they got onstage to finally be a couple in public for the first time, they revealed that they're still living happily ever after ... and Lauren's moving to Denver to be with Ben!

And even though Chris Harrison offered them the opportunity to get married right on After the Final Rose, Ben did propose to Lauren all over again in the most adorable way possible. These two! Seriously?! So cute. 

Now that The Bachelor is over, we're ready for what comes next. The Bachelorette, let's do this!  


Image via Matt Dunn/ABC

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