'Bachelor' Finale: Ben Higgins Makes His Choice but It's Heartbreaking

If you assumed the Bachelor finale would be brutal, you assumed correctly ... and then some. The day has come for Ben Higgins to finally choose between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell, and even though it definitely wasn't easy for him, he did manage to pick the woman he wants to give that final rose to. 


As per tradition, Ben introduced both women to his parents, and then sat down with his folks to find out what they thought. Unfortunately, they weren't much help. His parents liked both women, and also felt like they'd be welcoming to whoever Ben chooses. Um, thanks, Mom and Dad! 

And then? The final dates with each woman, which were tinged with a little bit of anxiety since JoJo and Lauren both knew that, in hours, they could either be engaged or dumped. Not a surprise that that dark cloud hanging over them didn't exactly make for the most fun dates in the world! 

And if you've been rooting for JoJo all this time, you were probably just as heartbroken watching this episode as we were. She pulled Ben into her hotel room bathroom for a little bit of privacy, where she found out that he also told Lauren he loves her during their fantasy suite date. Ouch!

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After all the tears and the drama, it was time. Ben had to make his final decision -- after a meeting with Neil Lane to choose the perfect massive diamond ring to propose with, of course. So what went down?! 

Unfortunately, JoJo got out of the helicopter first, and it was all downhill from there. JoJo gave Ben a speech about everything he means to her, and then ... he told her the bad news. Tearfully, he admitted that while he's in love with her, he's in love with someone else more.

And then, the moment we've been waiting for all season long: the proposal! After calling Lauren's dad to get his permission, he popped the question and Lauren happily accepted -- duh -- before he carried her away into the helicopter.

Sigh. True romance. So wait, is it time for The Bachelorette yet?  


Image via Matt Dunn/ABC

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