Adam Lind's Latest Social Media Rant Takes a Seriously Low Blow at Chelsea Houska

He's at it again! Adam Lind went on yet another social media rant recently, this time going after how completely unfair it is that anyone expects him to pay child support. And, in the midst of his complaining, he let it drop how much MTV pays Chelsea Houska for Teen Mom 2.


Way to keep it classy, Adam. The reality star also said that he's quitting the show and keeping his daughters Aubree (with Chels) and Paislee (with ex Taylor Halbur) from any further filming as well. Can you see me rolling my eyes from all the way over here? Yeah, I doubt Adam's going to give up his MTV paycheck. Just saying.

Anyway, the whole thing started because Adam posted an adorable pic of his 2-year-old daughter Paislee playing with his dogs, and added the caption, "She missed the puppies :)" One of his followers commented, "When are you gonna be able to get Aubree more? I just think it's ridiculous you you don't get Aubree as [much] as Paisley ... not fair to you or them really."

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Adam currently only has supervised visitation with 6-year-old Aubree, because he has failed to show the courts that he can be a responsible enough parent to be alone with her.

Instead of letting it go, Adam of course felt the need to comment on his custody situation and throw some major shade at Chelsea for daring to ask him to pay child support. He said that Chels is trying to raise the amount he pays to $945 a month, which in his opinion is ridiculous because she made $250,000 for the last season of Teen Mom 2, and will make closer to $300,000 if there's another one.

He also said that he makes a similar amount, and Aubree has as much as $50,000 in an account in her name, which is slated to be her college fund.

So here's the the thing ... if he makes around a quarter million dollars for a season of Teen Mom 2, what the heck is the problem with paying less than a thousand dollars a month in child support? According to reports, the amount seem legit, although MTV hasn't released the amounts before.

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But I guess Adam is so adamant about not providing for the children that he fathered that he is now threatening to quit the show entirely. "I just want away from this fake ass sh!t and drama," he wrote. "I'm sick of being known as the guy from Teen Mom ... But instead I'm going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness!"

He also said that he only agreed to film the reunion show this season because he wanted a free trip to New York for him and his latest girlfriend. "I will milking it out for a free trip to nyc one last time so Stasia has the opportunity to see NYC for free ... Lol andddd then I'm out."

Stay classy, Adam.


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