Jenelle Evans & Kailyn Lowry's Twitter Feud Reaches a New Level of OMG

It's not like feuds between the Teen Mom stars are anything new, but this time Jenelle Evans took it too far with Kailyn Lowry. The pair got involved in a bit of a Twitter spat recently, but Jenelle actually tweeted out Kailyn's phone number!


What in the world was she thinking?

The feud started when Kail poked fun at Jenelle's recent segment on the television show The Doctors, where she went to diagnose her mystery illness. Kail tweeted that she herself was having trouble sleeping and that she should call the CBS show to find out what's wrong with her as well:

"Cant sleep ... Call all the specialists in NYC, LA, Miami, etc. #mysteryillness call The Doctors tv show…."

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It seems as though Jenelle tried to give her costar a call, according to screenshots from Starcasm, which show Jenelle retweeting Kail and adding the comment, "Come on let's talk. Answer your phone," along with a smiley face emoji.

Something must have happened offline, because shortly after that, Jenelle retweeted Kail again, but this time added, "'Jenelle… You can't take a joke?' Well here’s a joke… Everyone call Kail…" And she included Kailyn's phone number!

Jenelle went on ranting with some tweets clearly meant for Lowry. "Like really… We've all let go of this topic for about 2 weeks now…You still mad bro? Hahahaha."

She continued, "Like I texted you two months ago Kail… your attitude will kill you one day. No wonder you feel the worlds against u… So u pick on me?"

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About half an hour after that one, Kailyn deleted her initial tweet and responded, "I'll try to be nicer ... Guess my jokes aren't funny." Hopefully these two can work it out, because as Jenelle commented at one point, they'll see each other next week (for the reunion show with Dr. Drew).

We're going to have to be sure to tune into that episode.


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