Ben Higgins's Mom Picks Between His Two Final Ladies

Since day one, it's been pretty clear that Ben Higgins is a total family man. So it should come as no surprise that who his family thinks he should marry is very important to him when he's making his decision. In a new clip from the finale, Ben's mom makes her final Bachelor pick, so could she be who he marries? 


In the clip, Ben is talking to his parents, asking them who they think he should pick. And Ben's mom's response? JoJo, all the way, just because it seems like she was the one she was able to get along with best. In fact, Mama Higgins feels so strongly about her that she starts crying when she tries to explain that she's the right choice!

So why does she like her so much? Because Ben says JoJo is the one who would tell him "everything is going to be okay" when he needs to hear it. Not bad reasoning!

Ben's mom reveals her frontrunner...

Posted by The Bachelor on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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In the end, Ben's parents say that they know whoever he chooses will be a lucky lady -- and we can't disagree with them! 

It's interesting to hear that Ben's mom feels this way, not just because we wanted to know who she liked better ... but also because rumor has it that Ben goes with whoever his mom picked. So maybe he's popping the question to JoJo?! We can't handle the suspense! 

All will be revealed Monday night, though. Here's hoping Ben's parents are happy with whoever their new daughter-in-law is!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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