15 Times the 'Teen Mom' Stars Were Unfairly Judged as Moms

Nicole Pomarico | Mar 15, 2016 TV

As fun as it is to watch Teen Mom and pass judgment, even we have to admit that sometimes, we go a little too far. Sure, these moms make a lot of mistakes, but don't all parents? And for the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, their mistakes are broadcast on TV and all over social media for the world to see. So while we get to see the good (and there are some good moments on Teen Mom), we also see the very, very, very bad.

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And really, we should give them a break. They're still pretty young, and they're going to mess up -- just like the rest of us are. They just happen to have a huge audience to do all their mistakes in front of, whereas if we mess up as parents, it stays relatively private. They're not always right, but most of the time, these ladies are doing the best they can while still maintaining their sanity. Read on to see times when the moms were criticized unfairly for making certain parenting moves that others disagreed with. (Though, spoiler: Many of these incidents involve Farrah Abraham.) Maybe we can give them a break next time? (Okay, okay -- we know that will never happen, but one can wish). 

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