Ben Higgins's Final Pick Is Anyone's Guess at This Point

This season of The Bachelor is finally coming to a close, and on Monday night, Ben Higgins has a tough decision to make: Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher? He definitely seems to have feelings for both women -- and after everything we've seen of them on the show, either one would make a great choice. So who should he pick?


First, there's Lauren. Since day one, Ben has obviously had a connection with her that he hasn't had with anyone else -- and all the other women have noticed. They've been open and honest with each other, and their communication has been awesome, and that's really important in a relationship. And who can ignore the fact that they're really cute together?


However, everything isn't perfect for Ben and Lauren all the time. And what about their future? Lauren's a flight attendant, which means she's not home much, and Ben seems to be looking for a really traditional relationship. There's also the issue that Ben told Lauren he thinks she's too good for him -- a sweet sentiment, but it could point to problems later down the line if that's really how he feels. 

And then, there's JoJo. She's smart, she's beautiful, and she and Ben clearly have chemistry. She also admitted that she has a hard time opening up to people, but she was finally able to let Ben in and tell him she loves him, and that's a really big deal.

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The only negative for Team JoJo? Her family. Ben's date didn't exactly go too well when she brought him home to meet her parents, and his brothers basically jumped down his throat, not believing that his feelings for JoJo were real. If they get engaged, he has a lot of work to do. 

And then there's the whole thing with her ex, Chad. What if she really does still have feelings for him? 

After the promos of the season finale, it's obvious that Ben is going to be really conflicted about who he should choose, but we do know he chooses someone. Here's hoping he follows his heart ... and that this engagement sticks this time. Bachelor stars don't always have the best luck getting to the altar!

And even though there are definitely complications, Ben should totally go with JoJo. She may not be the safe choice, but it seems like she's the one he wants to spend more time with ... and that's what counts.


Images via Matt Dunn/ABC

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