Ali Fedotowsky Admits She Had Sex in the Fantasy Suite

We live for when former Bachelor stars get into the nitty-gritty of what really went on behind closed doors between contestants. Ali Fedotowsky spilled on who she had sex with in the fantasy suite, and the gossip is all sorts of amazing.


During an appearance on the Great Love Debate podcast, Ali confessed that she absolutely did do the deed with her former fiancé and final pick on her season of The Bachelorette -- Roberto Martinez.

But she insists that he's the only dude she engaged in hanky-panky with -- admitting that her runnner-up Chris Lambton had drinks with her in the hot tub before passing out ... which she was totally cool with.

And what about Jake Pavelka, the Bachelor during her season on that show? Um, no. Ali says nothing happened there, which totally makes sense since she never made it to the Fantasy Suite round of the season, though we're fairly certain the two could have found someplace, somewhere to get intimate if they'd really wanted to.

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We're not at all surprised that Ali and Roberto had sex in the Fantasy Suite. After all, it's designed for that kind of a thing, and the two seemed completely into each other at the time. And as far as Chris, well, at least neither one of them has anything to regret.


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