Ben Higgins Ripped to Shreds by His Ladies on 'Women Tell All' Special

It's almost time for the Bachelor season finale, but before that, something very important has to happen first: Monday's Women Tell All special. On the latest episode, Ben Higgins's women of the past all gathered together and ... basically ripped him a new one. 


But before Chris brought Ben out, the women had the chance to say what they wanted to each other, and things got rough. Jami and Amber brought up the fact that Jubilee acted like she was the only "real black woman" on the show (off camera, of course), while more than one of the women confronted Olivia about the way she treated everyone ... especially Amanda and that nasty Teen Mom comment.

And the best part? Lace confirmed that she'd love to do Bachelor in Paradise, so there's one familiar -- and very entertaining -- face we'll all be seeing this summer. Can't wait! 

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Once Ben came on stage, the women had their chance to ask him questions. Olivia wanted to know why things didn't work out between them, and Caila was still obviously heartbroken about the way things went down after the fantasy suite dates. Poor Ben was squirming in his seat the whole time -- kinda had to feel bad for the guy! Obviously the dating multiple women at once thing isn't his strong suit.

And of course, there was a healthy dose of gushing about his bride-to-be from Ben himself. Whoever she is, Ben admitted to Chris that he'd be willing to marry her tomorrow -- those are some pretty lofty promises, dude! 

Next week: the final rose. Are you ready? We are!


Image via Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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