Jenelle Evans Finally Has Her Health Issues Diagnosed

Lately, Jenelle Evans has been suffering from some pretty scary symptoms ... and she hasn't been able to get any answers. But now, the suspense is over. The TV show The Doctors gave Jenelle a diagnosis, and it sounds like her problem is way simpler than she thought.


On the show, Jenelle filled them in on what she'd been experiencing lately: hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, shaky hands ... the list goes on and on. Anyone would be alarmed while dealing with that kind of stuff, especially since no specialist has been able to tell her why it's happening.

But then, Dr. Joseph Pinzone asked Jenelle to explain what had happened in her life, and according to Us Weekly, he was actually able to get to the bottom of the mystery. All of these things had been happening because Jenelle had recently stopped taking her birth control and smoking weed -- two things that would have seriously caused her symptoms. 

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And yes, you read that correctly: Jenelle stopped taking her birth control. She even admitted on the show that she's planning on having another baby in the next year or two, presumably with current boyfriend David Eason.

Regardless, it's good to hear that Jenelle finally gets some answers. Hopefully, if she lets her body even out a bit, her symptoms will start going away. 

And even better is the fact that it's nothing that would keep her from performing her Teen Mom 2 duties. How could we possibly watch knowing we'd never get to see Jenelle's antics ever again?! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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