Tyler Baltiera's Horrific Suicide Attempt Confession Is Heartbreaking

It was the final episode of the season for Teen Mom OG, and this time it was Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood's turns to talk to Dr. Drew on the reunion show. Plus there was a seriously heated moment between all four girls at the end of the show, and you better believe that it was about Farrah.


But first, let's talk about what went on with Catelynn Lowell, and even more so with her hubby Tyler Baltierra. We knew he had somewhat of a dark past, but Nova's dad talked at length with Dr. Drew about his suicide attempt when he was in junior high. He apparently tried to hang himself in the backyard, but said that once he jumped, with his feet dangling above the ground, he desperately escaped with only a nasty rope burn around his neck. 

Ty also admitted to being a cutter in his younger years, and trying to hide everything from his parents. He said that he's dealt with depression and anxiety his whole life, which is why he's been trying so hard (sometimes too hard) to help Catelynn through the onset of hers in her 20s. We continue to be amazed by Ty and Cate, and how far they have come in their young lives.

Then Dr. Drew talked to Amber Portwood, who shared that she and Gary have worked out 50/50 joint custody of Leah, after battling over it for the last two seasons.

But the real drama happened when Amber and her fiancé Matt Baier were onstage along with Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina. Mid-season, Gary dropped the bomb on Amber -- in front of the MTV cameras -- that Matt had seven kids, not just two.

Matt finally came clean on the reunion show, copping to five kids, three of whom he claimed were better growing up without him in their lives, because he was a hawt mess 10 years ago. He and Amber had decided together to keep all but his two youngest a secret to the public, but she'd been thrown for a loop by hearing the number seven.

Even though things seemed cleared up, Gary couldn't help but throw out there, "We're dealing with your whole life of trash too, though ... How can a man adore my kid but not his own, his own flesh and blood?" Because classy.

And then the most awkward moment ever happened when Dr. Drew got up and squeezed himself between Matt and Gary on the couches to keep them from being tempted to punch each other. I know Matt has gotten a lot of crap this season, but the way Gary was treating him was so uncalled for; I was reminded why I could never be a therapist. Unless Slap Therapy became a thing, if you catch my drift.

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Anyway, once the Gary/Matt tension was over, Dr. Drew invited Amber, Catelynn, Maci Bookout, and Farrah Abraham to the stage, and asked them if they've all stayed awesome friends since he saw them last. Uh ... since there was an infamous drunk video released from Catelynn's wedding in which they were bashing "ho-bag" Farrah ... no, no they haven't all remained on good terms. You know, especially considering that Amber and Maci were invited to the wedding and Farrah was not.

Amber said that she felt like she had a good relationship with everyone, but there was obviously lots of bad blood between Farrah and Cate. Farrah of course said that she is something akin to peace and light, and that Cate of course attacked her out of nowhere, because that's the sort of thing Farrah does.

But Cate did the classy thing and apologized to Farrah for saying something hurtful to her. I'm sure they'll be BFFs by summer.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone else, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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