Jenelle Evans's Custody Woes Keep Getting Worse & Worse

Jenelle Evans has been fighting her mom, Barbara, for custody of Jace for years with no end in sight, but now, it looks like she's locked in a second battle. Soon, Jenelle is going to court to fight for custody of Kaiser with Nathan Griffith, which means this Teen Mom 2 star is about to see a lot of court rooms in her future.


According to what a source close to the situation tells Radar Online, the dates have been officially set for Jenelle and Nathan, and Jenelle's not messing around. She's trying to get full custody of Kaiser, and it sounds like it's going to come as a total surprise to Nathan.

The source said:

They are just trying to serve Nathan right now, which he doesn't have a lawyer like he said he did and he won't give anyone his address to be served. 

And as for her other custody battle? Apparently, Jenelle and Barbara don't go to court over that one until May, and Jenelle is using the time between now and then to "gather evidence" and strengthen her case.

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And even though a lot of people would see this as a really, really stressful situation, it seems like Jenelle is taking it all in stride. This week, she tweeted about what's going on, and she seems pretty confident it'll all work out in her favor.

Oh, boy. We have a feeling we'll be hearing about this for a long time to come. Here's hoping that it works out in whatever way is best for Jace and Kaiser. They've been through enough already!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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