Lauren Bushnell Might Not Be the 'Girl Next Door' Ben Higgins Thinks She Is

As Ben Higgins announced earlier this week, our Bachelor star is happily engaged to the woman of his dreams -- and at this point, we know that woman is either JoJo Fletcher or Lauren Bushnell. But what if he's in for a huge surprise? Reportedly, Lauren isn't who she tells Ben she is, and her past could change their relationship forever.


Recently, a source close to the Bachelor finalist talked to In Touch and revealed a few things about Lauren that she hasn't been talking about on the show this season. Apparently she's been known as kind of a party girl, and that definitely doesn't mesh with the nice-guy image Ben's portraying. 

The source told the magazine: 

Lauren isn’t the girl Ben thinks she is. She's really been playing up the wholesome girl-next-door thing on the show, but Lauren has things in her past that she's not proud of, and she's keeping it from Ben. It was embarrassing to be around her when she was drunk because she'd turn into a mess. She'd have these drunken crying fits in public places -- she’s way too emotional.

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And it's not just the drinking that this insider warned about. It sounds like Lauren's also been known to be clingy in relationships, and that Ben will be "devastated" when he realizes that the woman he's in love with is different than he thought. 

Of course, this is all information to take with a nice, healthy grain of salt. There's a good chance none of it's true and if it is, it's exaggerated. Lauren and Ben clearly have a real connection, and that's true no matter where their pasts have taken them. 

We're crossing our fingers that if Ben ends up with Lauren, it is the real deal. We need a Bachelor love story to believe in! 


Image via lauren_bushnell/Instagram

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