Gary Shirley & Matt Baier Rip Each Other to Shreds in 'Teen Mom' Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

It was quite a season for Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG. Not only was she dealing with a custody battle, but also lots of drama between Leah's dad and her new fiancé. In this sneak peek for next week's reunion show with Dr. Drew, it doesn't look like a whole lot has been resolved between the three, as Gary Shirley and Matt Baier basically rip each other to shreds.


The drama on the show started mid-season, when Gary went undercover and allegedly found several open child support cases against Matt. He also discovered that he had as many as seven kids -- not just the two he had told Amber about. 

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Of course Matt denied it, and he and Amber accused Gary of waiting until MTV cameras were rolling to bring it up rather than confronting them privately about it. True or not, it was pretty shady of Gary. Meanwhile, Matt and Amber clarified that he does have five kids, but they had chosen not to mention the older three, for the sake of their privacy.

They seem to definitely still be at odds about the whole thing in these clips.

While talking to Dr. Drew, Gary claimed that he confronted Matt and Amber on the show because he was worried for his daughter. He said, "The point is you told someone that you only had a couple [of kids]. It comes down to the point, what else could there be?"

When Matt said that this was all "last season stuff," Gary fired back that they're still "dealing with [Matt's] whole life of trash!"

When it was Matt's turn to talk about the situation, he said of Shirley, "I think he's full of s**t, to be honest with you ... Anytime he opens his mouth. His motivation for doing what he did was not what he said. If he had that motivation, he would have called her and said, 'Hey, what's going on with this?' Instead he purposely waited for the cameras."

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He also claimed that there was nothing "seedy" about the revelation that he had more kids than he copped to. He confessed, "It was more shame on myself because those were really painful memories for me so I kind of pushed them aside ... It gets made to be more seedy than it really was. Like, 'He had children when he was younger, and he abandoned them and disappeared.' That's not what happened."

We're still not entirely clear of what actually happened, but here's to hoping that he actually is a decent guy. We'd hate to see Amber get burned again.


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