'Bachelorette' Alum Shamelessly Hits on JoJo Fletcher on Twitter

Bachelor contestant JoJo Fletcher is gorgeous -- nobody can argue that. And don't think the men of Bachelor Nation haven't noticed! During Monday's fantasy suite dates, Brooks Forester tweeted about JoJo, and it looks like he's a fan of ... a certain part of her anatomy. 


His tweet was more about JoJo than anything else, and we're not sure how she'd feel about a comment like that. Um, at least it's a compliment? We think? And kind of creepy, too. 

Brooks isn't wrong -- JoJo did look awesome during every part of the date, although we're not sure she'd appreciate her boobs being called "on fleek" by a total stranger. And there's a lot more to like about her than just her boobs. She's smart, sweet, and has been really friendly to all of the other women, even the ones who may have gotten on her nerves (Olivia ... ).  

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We're not sure if this means Brooks and JoJo are going to be the next great Bachelor love story, but at least homegirl has options if Ben doesn't end up choosing her in the finale. Plus, it's kind of funny of Juan Pablo Galavis of all people chose to call him out for his tweet.


Wonder if Brooks will have anything to say during next week's ep? We'll find out soon ...


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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