Matt Baier Breaks His Silence About His 'Secret' Kids (VIDEO)

With all of the shady news that has been coming out about Matt Baier lately, we've been wondering what he thinks about all this. But finally, we're about to get some answers. In a sneak peek clip from the Teen Mom OG reunion, Matt finally responds to the rumors about his secret kids, and Dr. Drew isn't going to let him off easy this time.


When Amber and Matt sit down to talk to everyone's favorite MTV therapist, Dr. Drew gets right to the good stuff. He asks Matt why he hid the number of kids he has from Amber ... and why he thinks everyone in their life is so worried about her because of it.

And Matt's response? Well, it probably won't surprise you to hear that he has an excuse for everything. He says: 

It was more shame on myself because those are really painful memories for me, so I kind of pushed them aside. I think it gets made to be more seedy than it really was. Like, 'He had children when he was younger, and he abandoned them and disappeared.' That's not what happened.

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So what did happen? We'll have to wait for part two of the reunion to air next week to find out for sure, but we're wishing Matt good luck on digging himself out of this one. He's going to need it! 

Hopefully Dr. Drew plans on asking a few questions about his sketchy Twitter behavior, too. Amber needs to go into this marriage with her eyes wide open, prepared with all the information. This situation is getting shadier all the time! 


Image via MTV

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