Ben Higgins Isn't Hiding His Engagement Any Longer

If you had any doubt in your mind how the Bachelor season finale is going to go, worry no more! Even though Ben Higgins is in love with two different women right now, he definitely chooses one in the end. This morning, Ben confirmed that he's engaged on Good Morning America. Wait, is he even allowed to do that?!


Since GMA is an ABC show and Ben is a smart guy, we have a feeling that this move was okayed by the producers ... although it is a little confusing that he'd drop a major spoiler like that just weeks before the finale airs. Either way, though, Ben seems thrilled to shout from the rooftops that he is now planning a wedding! 

He said: 

I am engaged -- I can say that? I haven't said that in an interview yet! ... You don't know how much stress and weight that is, to carry for so long. ... Good Morning America, I am engaged! Yes, finally!

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From watching the moment in the video below, it's hard to be mad at Ben for spoiling the ending. It's so obvious he's ridiculously excited about his future ... and whatever woman he decided to spend it with.

Now, there's only one question left: Who's wearing that sparkly Neil Lane diamond?! Is it JoJo or Lauren? Either way, Ben's a lucky man.

Congrats, Ben! We can't wait to see him give away that final rose ... and all the drama that comes with it! 


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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