Matt Baier Made a Play for Jenelle Evans Before Amber Portwood

If Amber Portwood hasn't run for the hills after hearing the latest news about fiancé Matt Baier, she should probably start packing her bags now. Because not only did Matt hit on Farrah before they were together, but now, it looks like Matt also flirted with Jenelle Evans, too. 


According to tweets unearthed from Radar Online -- yep, just like last time! -- Matt used to hit on Jenelle before he and Amber were dating. This happened in 2014, and Matt wasted no time trying to get Jenelle to follow him back, but it definitely doesn't seem like Jenelle ever said yes.

Here's what the tweet said, per Radar's screen grabs:

I am a huge fan and think u r stunningly beautiful. How about a follow? U will make a crappy Saturday good #please 

After that, Matt also tweeted that Jenelle is "absolutely beautiful," but his feelings soon changed. After he didn't get any responses from her, his tweets became pretty mean, and he said that she "makes even America's worst moms feel good about themselves." Ouch! 

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We don't know what's worse: Matt flirting with Jenelle and later "settling" for Amber, or the fact that he's capable of being so mean to someone he's never even met. Either way, he's not looking too good right about now. 

And now that Amber didn't take too kindly to Jenelle's advice to ditch Matt, we have a feeling that this latest development isn't going to help their friendship, either. Will the bad news about Matt ever stop? Part of us thinks it's super entertaining, but we also hope the worst is over... for Amber's sake, at least. 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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