13 Ways the World of 'Fuller House' Is Nothing Like It Was in 1987 (PHOTOS)

Jenny Erikson | Mar 4, 2016 TV
13 Ways the World of 'Fuller House' Is Nothing Like It Was in 1987 (PHOTOS)

After much anticipation, Fuller House finally premiered on Netflix, and I'm sure just a few fans of the original series tuned in ... in fact, so many people streamed the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler-Gladstone-Katsopolis crew on their TVs, iPads, Kindles, laptops, and other devices that Netflix just renewed Fuller House for a second season.

Of course the fact that we're now streaming entire seasons of shows on electronic tablets and flat-panel TVs hanging on our walls reminds us that the world has changed since Full House debuted in 1987. For example, how big a gift did Danny Tanner give his daughters by giving them the Victorian townhouse in San Francisco?

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It's not just property values that have evolved in ways we never imagined 29 years ago. It's how we eat, play, parent, date, or even view society.

Here are 13, well, 12, ways the world has changed since the original Full House days.


Image via Saeed Adyani/Netflix

  • San Fran Costs Big Bucks


    Image via Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    The Tanner family home was supposed to be an iconic "pink lady" Victorian on a prime block of San Francisco real estate. While its value was never something to sneeze at (the average home in Lower Pacific Heights sold for $441,929 in 1995), today the average sale price for a four-bedroom in the hood is $3.846 million! 

  • There's an App for Everything


    Image via Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    Only a few very rich people had cell phones in 1987, but now elementary kids have them. They're also so small and slim, they might even get lost in a diaper every now and then. That might actually be a point in favor for the brick-like behemoths of the '80s.


  • Bullying's Gone Digital


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    In 1987, bullying meant being called names on the playground. Now it means throwing shade on Facebook and Instagram. Cyberbullying wasn't a thing when the Tanner girls were little, but it's a hot-button topic today.


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  • Food Isn't Just Food


    Image vis Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    When Danny was running the house, the kids got PB&Js. These days, DJ's kids get organic turkey wraps. And I'd be willing to bet that cake is gluten-free.

  • Dating Is Much Easier -- Maybe


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    Back in the day, Jesse, Joey, and Danny had to meet love interests in -- wait for it -- real life. Now, Kimmy sets DJ up on an online dating site.

  • Toys Are Now Retro


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    Thank God for Joey babysitting -- he was able to get the Fuller kids off their electronic devices for some good old-fashioned games, complete with toy guns, silly string, and lots of goop. I'm just saying that the '80s version of an iPad was an Etch-a-Sketch.

  • New Pop Stars Are Slaying


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    DJ, Steph, and Kimmy may still be getting down to the New Kids on the Block 29 years later, but the rest of us have moved onto Taylor Swift, John Legend, and Sam Smith, just to name a few.

  • Parenting's Way More Complicated


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    It's called free-range parenting these days, but back in the' 80s, it was just called parenting. Now even relaxed parents will look at you askance if you suggest their kids go to the park down the street ... without you.


  • Gay Rights Have Come a Long Way


    Image via Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    Today no one would look twice if Danny or Uncle Joey or Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse were more than just friends. Hey, that would even make a teachable-moment story line for the show! Maybe some things -- like how far we've come with gay rights -- are better in 2016.

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  • Early Education's Gone Bonkers


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    Of course parents in the '80s worried about getting their kids into the best schools possible ... but they probably weren't worried about nursery school. These days, you better sign up when you're pregnant if you want to guarantee a spot.

  • Transportation's Literally at Your Fingertips


    Image via ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images



    Anyone need an Uber? Who would have ever thought that you could pull a phone out of your pocket, touch the screen, and call your own private driver to your doorstep? Nobody in the '80s, that's for sure.

  • Michelle Tanner's a No-Show


    Image via Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Image

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to skip the Fuller House hoopla, but John Stamos says that he has "a good feeling" about them changing their minds and saying "you got it, dude" to an appearance on season two. We're dying to see how Michelle turned out!


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  • Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky


    Image via Michael Yarish/Netflix

    Just kidding! Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's twin boys might be all grown up, but these two haven't aged a day. And we're totally jealous.


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