Jenelle Evans Flat-Out Tells Amber Portwood to Dump Matt Baier

We've always had a feeling there was something sketchy about Matt Baier, but this week's news really confirms it. And even though so many details about his shady past have been revealed, Amber Portwood continues to defend him ... which led to Jenelle Evans telling Amber to dump Matt. 


In a series of now deleted tweets, caught by Wetpaint, Jenelle advised Amber to listen to what these reports are staying and get out of the relationship while she still can. Of course, Jenelle hasn't always made the best decisions herself, but she knows a thing or two about dealing with shady guys. 

Jenelle wrote: 

He was a Twitter hater, Stalker ... After your money, you are being fooled. I wish you would see that. Not against you. Just like [Farrah] called you and told you ... Just see that. You deserve much better babygirl. Much love. 

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But Amber didn't see Jenelle's tweet as a message of love and concern, and instead turned defensive and angry. 

She then also sent Jenelle a tweet about how she'll see her in March ... and not to give her a hug, either.

From what we know about Matt, we can't believe that Amber is still taking his side in all of this. But who knows? Maybe there's more to the story than we're seeing.

Either way, Amber might want to listen to Jenelle on this one. Homegirl knows what she's talking about! 


Image via pbandjenelly_1/Twitter

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