Ben Higgins Is Breaking a Major 'Bachelor' Rule -- This Isn't Going to End Well (VIDEO)

Now that hometown dates are behind us, The Bachelor is starting to wind down for the season, which means it's almost time for Ben Higgins to make his final choice. But is he breaking a major rule in the process? Ben's telling two of the women he loves them after the fantasy suite dates ... which is going to make it awkward when he has to send two of them home. 


In a new promo for Monday's episode from E! Online, we see Ben tell two ladies that he loves them, but we don't know which two. Could be Caila, JoJo, or Lauren B ... and we won't find out until the new episode airs.

If you watch The Bachelor as religiously as we do, you already know that this is a bad idea and something that isn't typically done, because Ben can only propose to one of these women. Doling out multiple "I love yous" isn't the best game plan!

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But if Ben truly believes he loves these two mystery ladies, then we aren't surprised he's telling them. He's been very straight forward and honest since the beginning, and he's never exactly been the kind of guy to hide his feelings. 

We just predict that all these L-bombs are going to make the finale even messier than it's already going to be. Because one of the women will be pretty surprised when Ben doesn't get down on one knee. Get ready for fireworks -- and not the good kind.


Image via Levy Moroshan/ABC

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