Ali Fedotowsky Doesn't Think 'Bachelor' Ben's Women Actually Love Him

From the minute Ben Higgins made his Bachelor debut, we were head over heels ... but is there a chance his final three women don't feel the same way? Ali Fedotowsky thinks Ben's women don't love him, and her reasoning actually makes sense.


But it's not because she thinks they're not into it -- it's just because they're not ready to say they're in love! On her blog this week, Ali shared her thoughts on the hometown dates episode, and what she said actually made a lot of sense.

Ali wrote: 

The reason these girls can’t tell him 'I love you' is because they aren't really in love yet. Can I be 100% certain they aren't in love? Well no, of course not. But I can say that EVERY person I've ever talked to on the show has told me that they weren't really in love on the show, they just thought they were in the moment. They were in lust! 

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We can agree with that! After all, who really falls in love after just a few weeks?! It's crazy. But L-bombs still get dropped. And if Ben's women are being more thoughtful before vocalizing that particular feeling, good for them!

And, as Ali added later, this definitely isn't a bad thing -- it's just an instance of perspective being everything.

"I'm just saying, when on the show you tend to believe your feelings are stronger than they actually are because of the circumstance you are in. Which is totally ok," Ali said. 

We're on board with this theory! It'll be interesting to see if anything changes during next week's fantasy suite dates. We can't wait! 


Image via alifedotowsky/Instagram

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