JJ Lane Says Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth Are Nothing but a Couple of Fakers

Since they went public with their relationship, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have been hard not to fall in love with. They're just so adorable together! But is it all a sham? Former Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane says Kaitlyn and Shawn are faking their relationship for money.


While talking to In Touch recently, JJ revealed that he doesn't think this relationship will last, and that it's only lasted as long as it has because there's a paycheck involved. Um, what?! 

He told the mag: 

Kaitlyn and Shawn’s relationship is a sham. They have a business relationship. Shawn is only sticking with her for the money. ... Shawn is such a jealous, insecure person. There is no way that Kaitlyn is going to be able to live her life long-term with a guy like that. ... I will revel in their divorce.  

Those are some harsh words, JJ!
And don't worry -- Kaitlyn knows exactly what he said, and she's not pleased. When a fan asked for her thoughts on the situation on Twitter, she had a perfectly crafted response ready. 
Well said! We don't have any way of knowing if Kaitlyn and Shawn's relationship is the real deal or not, but their adorable Instagram posts are all the proof we need. Good for Kaitlyn for not letting JJ's words drag her down. It's not worth it! 
Image via jjhlane/Instagram
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