Farrah Abraham Gets Emotional Talking About Alleged Childhood Abuse (VIDEO)

This could explain a lot. In a preview for next week's Teen Mom OG reunion show with Dr. Drew, Farrah Abraham opens up about her alleged childhood abuse, and how it's affected her as an adult.


Take a look at Farrah address some of her alleged childhood abuse with Dr. Drew:

In the past, the controversial star has said that her now-divorced parents, Michael Abraham and Debra Danielson, beat her with a belt, but it seems like she's talking about more than corporal punishment here. As nasty as it is to hit a kid with a belt, it seems like there was something even worse that happened to her.

She has claimed that she was drugged and raped several times, but she never specifically stated that any of those incidents happened when she was a child. 

Whatever happened to Farrah to make her want to recreate those childhood feelings of being abused, as Dr. Drew suggested, the whole thing is heartbreaking.

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"It's so sad," Sophia's mom said. "I don't really feel like people should have to go through with that."

"Well, but you've been there," Dr. Drew told her. "That's part of life ... Stop dismissing it ... It is sad. It's sad to have been hurt as a child, right? Super sad."

That's when Farrah teared up, and actually had us feeling the sads for her. Yeah, she is a difficult person more often than not, but it's sad to think that it's because of unresolved issues of abuse from her childhood. No matter what, I just hope that she gets whatever help she needs to heal.


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